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SunnyWatches Partners

SunnyWatches Partners

How to order authentic designer Sunglasses, Watches, Handbags and more!

Shopping from is easy!

Find items:

With, you can find products in two ways:

1) Browse through our catalogue

2) Use our search function

a. General Search
     i. Type in general keywords and you will be provided with all the products that fall under those parameters.
     ii. Example: Type "Gucci Sunglasses." A list of models under this category will be generated.

b. Specific Search
     i. Type in the category, brand name, and model name and you will be led to the item's information page.

Learn more: provides you with comprehensive information on available products.
Each product information page contains the following:

1) Product Image - Find out what the item looks like

2) Product Description / Background Information - Discover special features.

3) Item Availability - Find out if we have it in stock.

4) Add to Shopping Cart button - Collect items you can review later on.

Manage Shopping Cart:

Each user is given a Shopping Cart used to collect items before placing an order. When you review the products you have collected, you can delete items and save those you want to purchase. When you are satisfied with the items in your Shopping Cart, you are ready to place an order.

Place an order:

Simply click on the "Place Order" button and fill up the form. Here, the following information is required:

• Billing Information

• Shipping Information

• Payment Method

Pay for purchases: will give you further instructions for payment based on your preferred method.

After this, you simply have to wait the items to arrive at your doorstep.