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Watches - a key fashion accessory







Watches - a key fashion accessory

Time keeping devices have been in use for ages. The sundials of yore helped our ancestors keep track what is still considered as our most valuable asset: time. Portable timepieces, however, have only been around for a few centuries. From the invention of the first pocket watch in 1524 by Peter Henlein to the first wristwatch in 1868 made by Patek Philippe, watches have slowly become an important part of our everyday lives. What used to be considered as just a simple tool for keeping time, wristwatches are now a key fashion accessory that ties your whole outfit together.

The traditional analogue displays are timeless and elegant. This type of watch is preferred by most because they go well with any outfit. Classic designs can be worn with both casual and evening wear. However, there are also analogue watches that are designed for specific attires. Among the more common casual analogue watches today have straps made of stainless steel, leather, or plastic. Some of the more trendy ones have large faces and funky numerals. To match a semi-formal look, a combination of steel and gold are often preferred. When wearing watches to a formal occasion, people usually wear yellow gold, white gold or platinum watches. These often have diamond-laden faces making them more like jewellery pieces. Traditional analogue watches are gender-specific, usually differentiated only by their size. When it comes to popular brands, both men and women prefer designer watches made by Seiko Watches, Casio Watches, Citizen Watches, and Police Watches. These premium brands are those that are also commonly preferred by celebrities. Find a selection of sunglasses and jewellery brands on our website!

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Digital watches are more popular among the youth. These are also commonly worn by athletes who are considered to have more laidback sense of styles. While there are also gender-specific digital watches, unisex designs are more common. Among the most popular brands that make digital watches are Casio Watches, Festina Watches, and Lacoste Watches.

It is not easy to find reliable online retailers that guarantee safe online shopping and authentic goods. Of course, men and women must always be careful when it comes to buying brand name products. is a trustworthy online retailer with an enormous catalogue of designer watches. Casio Watches, Guess Watches, Dolce & Gabbana Watches, Citizen Watches, Skagen Watches and Police Watches are just six of the over 100 premium watch brands that has on offer. Aside from the extensive catalogue, watch connoisseurs and regular shoppers will love that all of these brands are always offered at a great discount. even guarantees worldwide shipping with fast delivery time.

With discounts of up to 70% off retail prices on more than 70 brands of designer watches and popular brands, why buy watches from anywhere else? Browse through’s catalogue of watches and see for yourself. You will surely find the right watch for yo