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Casio Watches

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Casio Watches

Long known as the company who created the first, mass produced digital watch, Casio watches have been a household name since conception. Advertised and accepted as an affordable but high quality digital brand, Casio's aim has long been to take watches into the next millennium and provide today's younger generations with something unique, stylish and supremely technological. Casio were first established in 1947 when the calculator became reality and since then have delved into a plethora of different products - the Casio watches being the most renowned today. Casio authentic timepieces are today still affordable, but the older pieces are infinitely desirable to collectors who house them in collections dedicated to the 1980's and before. is proud to offer Casio authentic timepieces among its veritable banquet of designer wrist-watches, as usual at fantastic low discounted prices. Visit our virtual showroom today to see what we can offer you!

Popular Casio Watches

EQW-500DBE-1AVEROriginal Price: € 249,00

Discount: 10%

Your price: € 224,10
(£ 199,45) ($ 307,02)

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Edifice EQS-500C-1A1EROriginal Price: € 199,00

Discount: 10%

Your price: € 179,10
(£ 159,40) ($ 245,37)

GA-100-1A2EROriginal Price: € 99,90

Discount: 10%

Your price: € 89,91
(£ 80,02) ($ 123,18)

Edifice EF-552PB-1A4VEFOriginal Price: € 99,90

Discount: 10%

Your price: € 89,90
(£ 80,01) ($ 123,16)

BG-3000-1EROriginal Price: € 79,90

Discount: 25%

Your price: € 59,90
(£ 53,31) ($ 82,06)

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MTG-1500-1AEROriginal Price: € 449,00

Discount: 15%

Your price: € 379,90
(£ 338,11) ($ 520,46)

Edifice Wave Ceptor EQW-M1100C-1AEROriginal Price: € 299,00

Discount: 6%

Your price: € 279,90
(£ 249,11) ($ 383,46)

AQW-101-1AVEROriginal Price: € 69,90

Discount: 10%

Your price: € 62,91
(£ 55,99) ($ 86,19)

Edifice EF-554D-1AVEFOriginal Price: € 199,00

Discount: 10%

Your price: € 179,90
(£ 160,11) ($ 246,46)

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Casio Watch Collections

The Casio watch collections are many and varied. The Baby G Casio collections are definitely the most recently desirable, but other Casio timepieces should also be viewed because of the style they offer and are often overlooked in favor of the successful previous collections. The Casio collections are very varied and there are a lot of different styles which are currently best sellers; the Casio sensor watches, Casio pathfinder and even the Casio twin watches are very desirable right now, and can provide a real variation on current popular Casio timepieces which suit every need.

How to buy Casio Watches

  • Select the Casio Watches of your choice
  • Secure payment by Credit Card, Bank Transfer and PayPal
  • Reliable and fast worldwide delivery by UPS Express