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Citizen Watches

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Citizen Watches

Citizen watches are the timepieces everyone has heard of. Such innovative design and careful attention to detail ensures that Citizen watches has a place on the list of 'heard of' designer watch brands of everyone. New technology advances at the head office of Citizen authentic timepieces means a new era of watch, one that is about to take the world by storm and leave the lesser watch designers standing limply by with their hands at their sides. Citizen authentic timepieces have introduced a new, eco-drive watch which is going to send the competition crazy when they see what Citizen have achieved. Always a fore-runner in the just affordable watch category, Citizen have evolved to an unprecedented degree and are literally taking over the business and active sporting person categories of watches, leaving other watch makers in their wake. Citizen are now stocked by view our virtual showroom for more examples of the collections.

Popular Citizen Watches

Skyhawk JY0020-64E

Price: € 595,00
(£ 529,55) ($ 815,15)

Promaster Sky AS4020-28E

Price: € 499,00
(£ 444,11) ($ 683,63)

Elegance Chrono FB1144-50D

Price: € 550,00
(£ 489,50) ($ 753,50)

Promaster JP1010-00E

Price: € 399,00
(£ 355,11) ($ 546,63)

Promaster Sea BJ2111-08E

Price: € 499,00
(£ 444,11) ($ 683,63)

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Eco-Drive Chrono AT0960-52E

Price: € 249,00
(£ 221,61) ($ 341,13)

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Marinaut Chrono AT2021-54L

Price: € 299,00
(£ 266,11) ($ 409,63)

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Promaster Sea EP6000-07H

Price: € 229,00
(£ 203,81) ($ 313,73)

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Citizen Watch Collections

The Citizen collections of late are just amazing. New technology means their watches will never need a battery, all watches are suitable to dive or swim while wearing, and the diamond, mother of pearl and authentic cabochon detailing, particularly in the ladies watch category means that these versatile Citizen collections are suitable for any occasion, incorporating just a hint of glamour into what essentially is a functional and businesslike watch. Citizen timepieces are produced with much precise care and attention to the needs of the wrist watch buyer and this shows up in the new ranges. are proud to retail Citizen watches.

How to buy Citizen Watches

  • Select the Citizen Watches of your choice
  • Secure payment by Credit Card, Bank Transfer and PayPal
  • Reliable and fast worldwide delivery by UPS Express