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Tommy Hilfiger Watches

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Tommy Hilfiger Watches

Tommy Hilfiger watches are akin to the brand of Tommy Hilfiger in that they have a youthful feel, a real energy and a dash of luxury that will make your wrist among the most fashionable if it has a Tommy Hilfiger watch on it. Tommy Hilfiger watches come in numerous shapes and sizes and a huge variety of colours. Prices on Tommy Hilfiger wristwatches vary too, meaning you can get a Tommy Hilfiger watch to suit your budget. Born in New York Tommy Hilfiger worked in retail from the age of 18, eventually turning down designer positions with Calvin Klein and Perry Ellis. It is a good job he did because otherwise Tommy Hilfiger watches might never have existed.

Popular Tommy Hilfiger Watches


Price: € 199,00
(£ 177,11) ($ 272,63)

1790708 Windsurf

Price: € 169,00
(£ 150,41) ($ 231,53)


Price: € 179,00
(£ 159,31) ($ 245,23)

1780726 Moab

Price: € 179,00
(£ 159,31) ($ 245,23)

1790683 Jackson

Price: € 199,00
(£ 177,11) ($ 272,63)

1710175 Kirkwood

Price: € 149,00
(£ 132,61) ($ 204,13)

In Stock and Ready to Ship: In Stock and Ready to Ship icon

1790669 Getty

Price: € 259,00
(£ 230,51) ($ 354,83)

1781009 Reily

Price: € 159,00
(£ 141,51) ($ 217,83)

1790728 Arlington

Price: € 199,00
(£ 177,11) ($ 272,63)

Tommy Hilfiger timepiece collection

The Tommy Hilfiger timepiece collection boasts a number of designs, from intricate and delicate to bold and beautiful. Each Tommy Hilfiger wristwatch from the Tommy Hilfiger timepiece collection has the air of Tommy about it. Each timepiece has unmistakeable style, fashion and panache that could only mean it has come from the Tommy Hilfiger timepiece collection. The fashion statement made by wearing a Tommy Hilfiger watch is one of style, something that is certain to get you noticed. The Tommy Hilfiger timepiece collection does have something for everyone, whatever look you are going for. Tommy Hilfiger watches cater for every occasion.

How to buy Tommy Hilfiger Watches

  • Select the Tommy Hilfiger Watches of your choice
  • Secure payment by Credit Card, Bank Transfer and PayPal
  • Reliable and fast worldwide delivery by UPS Express